EDDM Mailings

Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM is the Post Office's new "mail class" where bulk mail gets expedited like first class mail with your business in mind.  We provide this service to help you identify your target area by city, neighborhood, or a specified distance from your location and get your postal routes matching your target.  We can then assist you with the mail piece design and prepare your mailing for delivery.

Mailing List

We can create a customized mailing list for your company using a demographic profile that carefully defines the characteristics of your ideal propsect or customer.  Using various databases - by themselves or in combination with others - we can compile a mailing list that isolates these characteristics and target those recipients that we believe would be most receptive to your offer.

Database Management

These services are available on a continuing basis or as a part of a specific mailing project.  Among other things, they include mailing list maintenance and computer driven USPS Certified mailing list preparation that maximizes the deliverability of each piece of mail while minimizing overall postage.  We also provide NCOA (National Change of Address) updates of your existing mailing lists using a national database that tracks persons who have changed addresses.  

Mail Piece Design

Our mailing specialists can provide all the help you need to create your mailing piece.  They can even make specific recommendations on how to design your mailing piece so that it qualifies for the lowest postage rates.

Mail Handling Operation (Letter-Shop)

This is the process that prepares each mailing to meet the exact requirements of the USPS and to qualify for the lowest possible postage rates.  Ink jet addressing, inserting, tabbing, sorting, traying & bundling.