Targets audience with a specific message

  • Direct Mail should be part of your media mix becacuse it completes the job that print, radio, and TV advertising starts.
  • Direct Mail can be branded the same as your other advertising - your advantage is talking to your target one-on-one.
  • Other media builds awareness - Direct Mail gets your prospect to respond.
  • Direct mail talks to your customer with a message that builds loyalty.  It also talks to your prospect with messages and offers that invite a trial.

Reach the right audience more effectively

  • Direct Mail allows you to DEFINE your market more specifically.
  • It allows you to create or buy a list that reaches out to your best prospects.
  • It has a stronger return on your investment because Direct Mail is designed to get a response.

More Interest

With a call to action to get people to respond.

More Hits

Develop increased traffic and new customers.

More Sales

By Initiating one on one contact with your customers

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